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Welcome to Marshane Corporation

Marshane Corporation is a leader in heavy-duty packaging.  For nearly a half-century, we have designed and manufactured speciality packaging for industrial shipments.  Our customers include some of the world's largest corporations.  These companies ship to destinations worldwide, including places where modern 

Unusual packaging requirements are no problem. We have extensive machining capabilities enabling us to provide an endless variety of crates, boxes, skids, and specialized packaging components.  Let us help solve your challenging shipping problems.  

transportation methods are not the norm.  Whether the customer is large or small,

they all have one thing in common: a need for packaging that can stand up to everything the environment and indiscriminate cargo handlers can dish out, including boxes that protect products or raw materials in the toughest environments like warehouses, loading docks, truck beds, and cargo holds.

If you are serious about protecting your products in-transit or in-storage, then contact us today.  No matter where in the world you are going, Marshane Corporation has a packaging solution for you!


Packaging Solutions for the Global Marketplace

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