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Marshane Corporation has extensive CNC machining capabilities, enabling us to mass produce boxes and containers that meet consistently high-quality standards. We have the experience to help resolve difficult packaging problems or work with specifications provided by your engineering staff.





  • Standard wooden crates

  • Standard wooden pallets

  • Slave pallets for automated storage/retrieval systems

  • Knockdown crates

  • Suspended-roll packaging

  • Water resistant wooden crates

  • Speciality flanges and pads of all sizes

  • Boxes and crates with metal reinforcement

  • Containers with product specific inner packing

  • RSC style boxes with paper partition liners

  • Paper pallets and skids

  • Roll supports

  • Braces and dunnage

  • Reusable packaging of all types

  • Foam liners

practically furniture-grade tolerances using packaging-grade materials.  This allows for boxes and frame style crates with interchangeable parts.  Marshane boxes also stand up to the realities encountered on loading docks, shipping wharves, train yards, truck beds, and shipping containers, while keeping costs competitive to lower quality providers.


We manufacture 40 foot long crates to fit sea containers, as well as room-size crates for stacking on a freighter deck.  On the other end of the spectrum, we make speciality boxes that are both light-weight and extremely strong.


Marshane Corporation is a speciality packaging specialist.  As such, virtually every product we make is custom-designed for the needs of each specific customer.  In the past forty-plus years, we've made a variety of heavy-duty packaging products including:


Quality and consistency are our hallmarks.  Where other suppliers are satisified with slap-dash, crank-it-out production, we pride ourselves on delivering 


Packaging Solutions for the Global Marketplace

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