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Green Initiatives

The primary materials that are used to manufacture our packaging products are wood and paper.  These materials typically provide the least expensive means for packaging anything.  In today's environmentally-conscious world, wood and paper are always the right choice.  After all, nothing is greener than a tree!  Consider this, wood is a raw material that can be endlessly replenished, recycled, reused, remanufactured, and disposed of in an enviromentally-friendly way.  Good corporate citizens recognize these materials as the best choice for companies with Green Packaging Initiatives.

Marshane Corporation is dedicated to helping preserve the environment by offering flexible recovery and recycling services.  We manage recovery and remediation programs for specific product lines through coordination with the customer.  This targeted approach to recycling packaging products eliminates participation in a secondary market with companies whose activity centers focus around recovery and resale rather than manufacturing and remanufacturing.  The program is tailored to your specific needs, much like our products, because each client is unique.  Imagine a reuse program managed by a company that understands both the product and the quality standards you require.  It's a winning approach that ensures the greatest satisfaction for all participants.  Ask about the value Marshane can add to your green-packaging initiatives today!


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