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Back Story

Pack your trunk!


We're proud of our South Carolina hertiage...and even prouder of our global reach.  Marshane crates stand up to the rigors of world travel - regardless of the shipping method.  Our containers allow customers to deliver their goods - unscathed - to some of the most remote destinations on earth.

Good design doesn't pays


Here at Marshane, a box is not just a box.  We'll work with you to make sure your packaging gets the job done--even if you're shipping the "Holy Grail".  We can provide packaging design options to meet your specific demands--or create and test prototypes from plans supplied by you.

"Stuff" happens


Be prepared.  Shipping is a notoriously rough business.  Cargo handlers, stevedores, lift drivers and crane operators are not known for their gentle, sweet dispositions.  Marshane designs and builds packaging that survives in the real world. After all, what good is a shipping crate that doesn't protect your product while en route to its destination?

We’ll help you stay on top


Specialty packaging is our specialty. If you need a water resistant box we can help. Or one that can be stacked ten high. Or one that can be taken apart and reassembled. For over forty years, Marshane Corporation has responded to the specific packaging needs of our customers. And that’s precisely why we’re still afloat.

“Drop Shipping” means different things to different people


Military operations, disaster relief, packaging for air drops is a challenge. At Marshane, we are up to the task. We can meet military specs—or just about any other requirements—you’d like to toss our way.   


Packaging Solutions for the Global Marketplace

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