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In 1973, company founder Thomas M. McCurry landed an opportunity to manufacture shipping pallets for Owens Corning Fiberglass.  That opportunity turned into a new company specializing in heavy-duty pallets primarily for large manufacturing companies.  As the company's customer base grew and diversified, so did the product offerings.  Within a few years, our product range extended to include enclosed crates in wood, corrugated paper board and hybrid combinations of the two, as well as paper boxes featuring laminated partitions.  Today, we offer speciality packaging that incorporates wood, paper, metal, and plastic components--all designed to protect products en route to destinations in every corner of the globe.



We have been fortunate enough to work with many Fortune 500 companies.  These large multinational corporations ship worldwide every day, often with demanding packaging requirements.  Our valued, long-standing relationships with our customers who not only trust, but rely on the consistency and world-class service that Marshane represents.


Marshane Corporation has succeeded by being open-minded, innovative, and flexible in meeting our customer's many needs.  We can assist in package design, development, and testing for whatever shipping challenge you may face.


If you have a special packaging requirement, chances are we can help.  Contact us today!



Packaging Solutions for the Global Marketplace

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